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Minister Ogwang Fast-tracks Presidential Pledges in Rubirizi District


State Minister for Economic Monitoring Peter Ogwang was on Tuesday in Rubirizi District to check on the status on the implementation of Presidential Pledges.

The Minister visited several Subcounties in Bunyaruguru and Katerera counties in Rubirizi District to monitor government projects in the district. The Minister noted that several of the Presidential pledges remain unfulfilled.

However, the pledges that were fulfilled were productively benefiting the community to achieve social, economic transformation. Among the fulfilled pledges include; 100m for Bunyaruguru Devt SACCO, 300 iron sheets and 300 bags of cement for Ndekye PS, 250m for Kyamwiru Parish, 30m for Women Council SACCO, 300 bags of cement and 300 iron sheets for Kacu Mosque and Primary School etc.

Ogwang promised to follow up these pledges with the respective MDAs to ensure that the communities benefit from them.

"I am committed to ensure that these pending presidential pledges are fulfilled. These pledges shall be captured in the next Financial Year and I will come back to check the implementation of those projects," Ogwang said.

"We are going to sit down with the senior Minister [for Presidency] and the PPS to devise a mechanism to squarely handle all the presidential pledges are soon as they are made. And I will personally write to the respective Ministries to fulfill the pledges because once the president makes a pronouncement then it becomes a directive."

The pending presidential pledges in Rubirizi District include; Seed Secondary and Technical School for Greater Ndangaro Parish, 400m for cosntruction of District Administration block, irrigation scheme, paper making machine etc.

Ogwang decried corruption in civil service, thus causing inefficiency and ineffective delivery of services.

"We have agreed to enhance salaries of all civil servants. Now, we want to see which excuses civil servants will give for being corrupt," he said.