Public Administration Sector Development Plan

Uganda’s Vision 2040 articulates the long and medium term development goals and targets 
required to transform the country into a “Competitive Upper Middle Income Country by 
2040. The Vision Statement is: “A transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern 
and prosperous country within 30 years” to be achieved through: three 10 – year plans; six 5 –
year National Development Plans (NDPs); Sector Development Plans (SDPs); Local 
Government Development Plans (LGDPs); and annual plans and budgets. 
Cognizant of the contribution of SDPs in the realisation of Vision 2040 goals and targets, the 
Public Administration Sector has produced its five year Sector Development Plan. The 
Public Administration Sector Development Plan (PA-SDP) 2015/16 – 2019/20 maps out 
strategies for effective and efficient allocation of resources; effective coordination of 
implementation of priority programs to reduce duplication of efforts and ultimately foster 
efficient service delivery towards the realisation of the aspirations of Vision 2040. 
The role and scope of Public Administration Sector is ever expanding and all-encompassing
with the main focus being on providing public services. It is in this context that the Public 
Administration Sector Development Plan (PA-SDP) has been developed and presented to the 
Sector Stakeholders including Development Partners for ownership and support for its 
execution. Over the next 5 years (2015/16 – 2019/20), the strategic direction of the Sector will 
be informed by three sector outcomes namely: Free and Fair elections; Improved Regional 
and International Relations for Development; and Strengthened Policy Management across 
I therefore, wish to appeal to all stakeholders, including Development Partners to support 
implementation of the Sector Development Plan.
On behalf of the entire Sector Working Group, I am grateful to all stakeholders for the 
cooperation and dedication towards the production of this Sector Development Plan. 
For God and My Country.
Deborah Katuramu