Manifesto Week

The Manifesto Week will be celebrated from 12th to 19th May 2017 under the Theme: "Taking Uganda to modernity through Job creation and inclusive development".

The Programme activities to mark the first year of the NRM- Manifesto will comprise Press Conferences, Radio and TV Talk shows at regional and District level, engagement in print and Social Media. 12th May 2017 will be one year since H.E. The President of Uganda was sworn in for 2016-2021 term. The 2016-2021 NRM Manifesto was developed in line with the current National Planning Framework and the National Development Plan II. The Manifesto aspires to deliver Uganda to a competitive middle-income status from a predominantly low-income level through inclusiveness and job creation. This Manifesto therefore lays a strong foundation for meeting the aspirations of Ugandans.   The Manifesto Week presents that annual opportunity to celebrate, take stock of the cumulative milestones and achievements of Government and to project feasible ways in which the overall targets can be achieved within the five years mandate.

The focus will be on the following critical and strategic areas:  

  1. Infrastructure Development (Energy, Minerals, Works, Roads and Transport)
  2. Human Capital Development (Health, Education)
  3. Agriculture
  4. Growth, employment and Macro –Economic stability(Social Development, Accountability )
  5. Harnessing Natural Resources (Water and Environment)
  6. Labour and Employment( Social Development)
Event Date: 
2017-05-12 08:30 to 2017-05-19 00:00
Various parts of the Country