Press Release About Gulu Police Attacks

On Sunday, 12th June, 2016, at about 8.30 pm, a criminal gang attacked the main Gulu Police station. The gang was repulsed by a joint Police and UPDF force, which had been deployed to protect the station following earlier information that there was probality of an armed attack on the station to rescue a suspect. Indeed, the objective of the attack was to free and cause escape of one suspect, Oola Dan Odiya who is due to appear in court today on charges of murder and terrorism. There is strong evidence linking him to an armed attack (by the same criminal gang) on the 27th May 2016, on a local defense unit detachment.The criminal gang travelled to the station on a pickup truck registration plate UAF 350 Q, and using a vehicle that was, also, going into the station as cover to prevent detection, opened fire. The joint force effectively responded, preventing them from entering the station, and then pursued them. The following were recovered from the criminals:
1. Six AK-47 rifles
2. 1 PK machine gun
3. 270 rounds of ammunition
4. 12 empty magazines
5. 1 SAR rifle
6. 3 Pouches
7. A bow and 8 Arrows (Factory made)
In the exchange of fire exchange, our forces suffered the following casualties:
• Cpl Edema Moses of UPDF was killed.
• Four other UPDF personnel were injured
• Two police personnel were injured
• One civilian who were driving on the way from a funeral.
The injured were immediately taken to hospital and are receiving treatment in the 4th Division military Hospital and Lacor Hospital.
Soon after the incident, the situation in Gulu town calmed down, and business in the town has normalized.
I commend the District Police Commander and his force for their alertness, vigilance, and effectiveness, and the UPDF 4thcommand for their timely, robust, and effective reinforcement. We mourn the death of our comrade, Cpl Edema Moses. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. We, also, pray for the quick recovery of the injured officers, and civilian.
In spite of this attack, we wish to assure the country that Uganda is peaceful, and stable, and condemn those who posted messages on social media immediately after the attack exaggerating the magnitude of the incident, and giving irresponsible interpretations of the incident.