About the Office

Office of the President
Article 99 (3) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda vests the Executive Authority in the President and he is responsible for the welfare of the citizens and safeguards the Constitution and Laws of Uganda, among others. It is from this that Office of the President derives its mandate of providing leadership in public Policy management and good governance.
Vision of the Presidency
"A Secure, well Governed and Developed Nation”
Mission of the Presidency
“To Provide Leadership in Public Policy Management and Good Governance for National Development.”
Functional Objectives of the Presidency
a. Ensuring that Government Policies, Programs and Projects are adequately monitored and evaluated;
b. Promoting good governance in public institutions and civil society;
c. Providing overall leadership of the state and better service delivery and job creation in line with the Government NRM Manifesto 2011-2016;
d. Providing regional and international relations for purposes of Social and Economic gains, and the creation of investment opportunities; and
e. Supporting the development of Policy capacity across Government.
The President of Uganda is provided for under Article 98 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The mandate of the President is provided for under Article 99 of the Constitution where all Executive Authority in Uganda is vested in the President. Article 108 of the constitution also provides for H.E the Vice President.
The institution of State House facilitates and supports the President, The Vice President and their families while the private offices in particular provide the official linkages with government, the foreign diplomats and the general public.
The mandate of State House is to provide at all times, support to the Presidency in order to facilitate effective and efficient performance of its constitutional and administrative responsibilities as well as to cater for the welfare and security of H.E the President, H.E the Vice President and that of their families.
Office of the Principal Private Secretary to H.E
The Private Office and Household of H.E the President is headed by the Principal Private Secretary (PPS) as the overall coordinator, supervisor and manager of the related staff and functional units. All heads of related units as well as private secretaries report to the PPS.
Office of the Deputy Principal Private Secretary to H.E
The Deputy Principal Private Secretary (DPPS) assists the Principal Private Secretary in general administration and management of selected correspondences. In addition, to reduce the span of control and enable the PPS operate more efficiently, some of the Private Secretaries are required to report directly to the DPPS from time to time.
Presidential Press/Public Relations Unit
The Press and Public Relations Unit of State House is responsible for effectively handling the media; promote good public relations and project a positive image of H.E the President, H.E the Vice President, the First Family and the Institution of State House.
The Unit is responsible for handling all media related matters and liaise with all major media agencies locally and internationally for effective communication as well as counter negative reporting.
Protocol Unit
The Protocol Unit of State House is responsible for drawing and producing a realistic, tenable and rational work diary for H.E the President, manage it and ensure its successful implementation as well as to provide protocol services for the Institution of State House.
The Unit is also responsible for preparing H.E the President’s programmes, arranging visits and making appointments for guests including foreign dignitaries. The Protocol Unit is among other things responsible for receiving diplomats and other guests and escorting them to participate in ceremonies for diplomatic credentials in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Foreign and Diplomatic Affairs unit
The Foreign and Diplomatic Affairs Unit is responsible for keeping H.E the President fully and accurately informed about international diplomatic issues which affect Uganda’s interests. The Unit is responsible for ensuring that diplomatic etiquettes are upheld unreservedly in all functions in State House and that H.E the President’s diplomatic appointments and arrangements for the presentation of credentials for incoming heads of missions, meetings between H.E the President and members of the Foreign and Diplomatic Corps, coordinate all visits to Uganda by Foreign Dignitaries and to other countries by H.E the President or members of the First Family and to ensure that all mail from the Ministry of Foreign, Diplomatic missions and international organizations/individuals addressed to H.E the President or State House are received, sorted out and scrutinized for action. Interpretation of languages is also done where necessary.
Legal Unit
The Legal Unit of State House is responsible for all matters of a legal nature involving or addressed to H.E the President, the Principal Private Secretary or the Institution of State House. It is responsible for ensuring that all legal matters are effectively, expeditiously and lawfully handled and also to facilitate direct linkage with the Attorney General. The Unit is also responsible for providing timely legal advice an all matters of a legal nature or involving legal technicalities tendered to H.E the President, H.E the Vice President, the Principal Private Secretaries and the Institution of State House.
Security and Defense Unit
The Security and Defense unit is responsible for harmonizing and coordinating activities regarding security and defense related matters in State House with other State Organs. The unit provides an effective linkage and coordination between H.E the President, the Institution of State House, the Special Forces Group and various security organs in a manner that enhances expeditious collaboration, strategic actions and decisions on all security matters.
Economic Unit
The Economic Unit oversees all aspects of the economy and is responsible for keeping H.E the President, accurately and fully informed and updated constantly on the performance of the economy and the general economic issues so as to facilitate rational decision making on economic matters at the national and international levels.
The Unit is also responsible for advising the President on economic matters relating to macro and section performance and to research, analyze and prepare briefs on economic related information and issues so as to facilitate H.E the President’s decision making on economic matters.
The Department of Finance and Administration
The Department of Finance and Administration is responsible for overall coordination, harmonization and collaboration of all operations and activities in State House. The Department, headed by the State House Comptroller provides administrative support including securing and availing adequate human resources, finance, office equipment, accommodation, transport, records and information facilities/services to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in all operations and activities of the Institution of State House. The department is responsible for maintaining and efficient and effective management systems for all fiscal resources and facilities and to ensure a timely and proper accountability of all the fiscal and other resources allocated and utilized in State House in accordance with the financial accounting regulations.