1. The Office of the President is in the process of prequalifying providers of supplies, works and services for the financial years 2019-20, 2020-2021, and 2021-2022.
2. The Office of the President now invites suitably qualified service providers to submit sealed applications for the provision of Supplies, Works and Services of different categories for purposes of prequalification.
3. The list of supplies, works and services to be provided is listed below in Annex “B”

4. Pre-qualification submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003 of the Government of Uganda. Pre-qualification is open to all eligible bidders.

5. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Office of the President and inspect the Pre-qualification document at the address given below from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

6. The Pre-qualification documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below (8a) and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of UGX 50,000= (Uganda Shillings Fifty Thousand Only).

7. The pre-qualification submission MUST be hand delivered to the address below at 11:00 am or before Friday 15/03/2019. Late submissions shall be rejected.

8. Documents will be inspected, issued, delivered and opened at:
Procurement and Disposal Unit,
Office of the President, Parliament Building,
Apollo Kaggwa Road, Plot 9-11
P.O. Box 7168
New Building 2nd, Floor RM 1212


List and codes of works, services and supplies to be provided include but are not restricted to the following:

Sup/1000 Assorted office stationery
Sup/2000 Printed office stationery
Sup/3000 ICT Equipment - Desktop, laptop and tablet Computers, Printers and accessories
Sup/4000 Supply and installation of Computer software
Sup/5000 Printer consumables/Toner Cartridges
Sup/6000 Office equipment and tools
Sup/7000 Office Furniture, Fittings and carpets
Sup/8000 Brand New motor vehicles Motor cycles,
Sup/9000 Motor vehicles, Motor cycles tyres and tubes
Sup/10000 Motor vehicles, Motor cycles Spare parts
Sup/11000 Tyres
Sup/12000 Cleaning equipment and materials
Sup/13000 Electrical equipment and accessories i.e bulbs
Sup/14000 Air Conditioners and Accessories
Sup/15000 Security gadgets
Sup/16000 Generators and Solar equipment
Sup/17000 Portraits i.e Presidential
Sup/18000 Uniforms, curtains, protective wear
Sup/19000 Kitchen Equipment (Fridge, cooker, coffee maker, flasks, plates, cups , Cutlery dusters, electric kettle etc)
Sup/20000 Petroleum products (Fuel) and Lubricants
Sup/21000 Plumbing materials
Sup/22000 Flags (Uganda National flag, East African Community flag, Army Flag)
Sup/23000 Cameras (Still and video)
Sup/24000 Books (Standard reference textbooks, Acts, Constitution of Uganda)
Sup/25000 Newspapers & Magazines
Sup/26000 Office drinking Water.

Svcs/1000 Advertising and Media
Svcs/2000 Air Ticketing, Tours & travel
Svcs/3000 Auctioneers
Svcs/4000 Website Designing
Svcs/5000 Cleaning
Svcs/6000 Clearing & forwarding
Svcs/7000 Computer repair & maintenance
Svcs/8000 Consultancy services
Svcs/8001: Legal
Svcs/8002: Mini surveys/ impact assessments.
Svcs/8003: System design i.e Computerized Monitoring and Evaluation System
Svcs/8004 Development of Guidelines/Frameworks
Svcs/8005: Training
Svcs/8006: Monitoring and Evaluation
Svcs/8007: Land Surveying
Svcs/8008: Program/Project Evaluation
Svcs/8009: General Consultancy services
Svcs/9000 Courier Services
Svcs/10000 Engraving
Svcs/11000 Events management and Public Relations
Svcs/11001: Tent Hire
Svcs/11002: Chair Hire
Svcs/11003: Mobile toilet and Urinal Hire
Svcs/11004: Videography, Photography, Day light screens and Public Address System/Sound System Hire
Svcs/11005: Generator hire.
Svcs/11005: Catering services
Svcs/11006: Soft drinks (Soda and bottled Mineral water)
Svcs/11007: Motor Vehicle hire
Svcs/12000 Garbage collection & Disposal
Svcs/13000 Hotel accommodation & Workshop/ Conference facilities
Svcs/14000 Maintenance & repair of motor vehicles & Cycles
Svcs/15000 Maintenance & repair of electrical equipment
Svcs/16000 Maintenance & repair of furniture & fittings
Svcs/17000 Maintenance & repair of office tools & equipment
Svcs/18000 Maintenance & repair of air conditioners and accessories
Svcs/19000 Printing, art and design
Svcs/20000 Photocopying & Binding & services
Svcs/21000 Fumigation and Pest Control
Svcs/22000 Mattress Hire service.
Svcs/23000 Internet service- fibre connectivity
Svcs/24000 Radio talk show and announcements
Svcs/25000 Washing and Cleaning Vehicles.
Svcs/26000 Funeral Services

Works/1000 Mechanical works
Works/2000 Electrical works
Works/3000 Plumbing works
Works/4000 Civil works
Works/5000 Routine maintenance of buildings
Works/6000 Water works
Works/7000 Building & Carpentry
Works/8000 Road works, compound design and maintenance
Works/9000 Renovation of Buildings

Please note: The bidder should pay UGX 50,000= for each item applied for and submit separately. Proof of payment must be enclosed in each Pre-qualification application.

Items below will procured on Framework contract arrangement, the shortlisted
firms will be invited to compete by quoting for those items. The successful bidder will be
awarded a Framework contract.

1 Assorted office stationery
2 Printed office stationery
3 ICT Equipment - Desktop, laptop and tablet Computers, Printers and accessories
4 Printer consumables/Toner Cartridges
5 Electrical equipment and accessories ( i.e bulbs)
6 Flags (Uganda National mast, East African Community flag, Army Flag)
7 Newspapers & Magazines
8 Office drinking Water.
9 Advertising and Media
10 Cleaning
11 Computer repair & maintenance
12 Events management and Public Relations
13 Hotel & Conference facilities
14 Maintenance & repair of electrical equipment
15 Maintenance & repair of air conditioners
16 Motor vehicle hire services
17 Repair Maintenance & Repair of motor vehicles & Cycles
18 Maintenance & repair of electrical equipment
19 Fumigation
20 Plumbing works
21 Washing and Cleaning Vehicles.
22 Radio talk show and announcements
23 Mattress Hire