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Chancery/Presidential Awards Committee

Pursuant to the Presidential Awards Act, 2001 the Office of the President, through the Chancery has a system of recognizing and rewarding outstanding acts and achievements of its citizen, such recognition puts on record public appreciation for the contribution of persons who have distinguished themselves in service to the Nation.

The Awards are in the form of Orders, Medals and Decorations. Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government, Corporate Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and individuals submit proposals for Honour and awards in the fields of; Civil and Military sector; Academia; Culture; Media; Religion; Industry; and Sports among others, to the Chancery which is the permanent custodian and administrator of Uganda’s National Honours.

The Chancery/Presidential Awards Committee is, therefore, responsible for identifying, selecting, vetting and forwarding nominated persons to H.E the President for approval and conferment of Honours.


The Act provides for a Presidential Awards Committee (PAC), consisting of the Chairperson, and Eight (8) Committee members, all of whom are appointed by the President. The Act provides that persons to be appointed by the President should be persons of high moral character and proven integrity. The Act also provides that the Committee may co-opt any person with expert knowledge to guide it in its deliberations.

The members of the Committee hold office for a period of Five years and are eligible for re-appointment. 'The Act also provides for a Chancery as the Permanent Custodian of Honours, Awards, and Medals, and is headed by a Chancellor who is the Secretary to the Chancery, and whose terms and conditions are equal to those of a Permanent Secretary.

The current Presidential Awards Committee is comprised of the following members:

Chairperson of PAC is Dr. Beatrice Wabudeya

PAC Members;

  • Mr. John W. Karazarwe
  • Mr. David Gabindadde Musoke
  • John Otekat Emilly 
  • Mr. Lino Musana
  • Prof. David Justin Bakibinga
  • Mr. George Inyensiko
  • Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho
  • Hajjat Nambalirwa Kasenene
  • The Chancellor/ Secretary to the PAC is Hajat Zaminah Malole
  • Maj Gen George Igumba is Master of Ceremonies

The Functions of the Presidential Awards Committee/Chancery.

The Mandate of the Presidential Awards Committee (PAC) is to advise the President in respect of the persons upon whom titles of Honour may be conferred and generally in respect of the President's performance of his functions in Section 5 of the National Honours and Awards Act, 2001.

Commitments of the chancery

The functions of the Chancery are to:

  • Procure and provide safe Custody of National Honours and Awards
  • Facilitate meetings of the Presidential Awards Committee once every two months to review names of persons for award.
  • Organise Investiture/ Award Ceremonies six times a year at all National functions.
  • Maintain Archives for National Honours.
  • Prepare and Publish the National Honours list for award for all functions.
  • Identify and conduct Research on Nominees for Honors and Awards
  • Sensitise and raise Awareness about the National Honours and Awards

Operations of the Chancery.

The Chancery from time to time receives names from various Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Individuals with a write-up justifying the proposed award to the individual(s).

The Chancery then submits the names to the Presidential Awards Committee for discussion, selection, and recommendation to H.E the President. The medalists are approved by the President either acting on His initiative or based on recommendations made to him. The Presidential Awards Committee has also found that it is not only cost effective, but there is also value-added and excitement when medalists are recognized from their home areas, which is also their preference.

For this reason, when a function is slated for a certain District, the Committee usually gets the names of those persons from the approved list of medalists from that region and includes them on the investiture programme for that day.

The Committee meets at least once every two months to discuss and recommend for approval the proposed names of achievers for the various categories of medals specified for award at the different functions.


  1. Six National/Public Functions each year have been selected at which award of medals (Investiture Ceremonies) are performed by H.E. the President. These are: 26th January, Victory Day; 6th February, Tarehe Sita (Armed Forces Day); 8th March, Women's Day; 1st May, Labour Day; 9th June, Heroes Day, and 9th October, Independence Day.
  2. Launch of Hall of Fame. A mini-Hall of Fame was established at the office of the President, old parliamentary building on 3rd floor
  3. Simplified frame work for identifying exemplary achievers is now in place.
  4. Website for the Chancery was developed and its functional.
  5. A data base for all persons/individuals awarded has been created and is in place functional.


Future Plan of the Chancery

  • Staffing
  • Expanding the Hall of Fame
  • Naming Public roads and amenities after the Medalist
  • Collaborating with Locak governments to introduce walls of Fame at District Headquarters
  • Closely work with the Ministry for Tourism to erect and name monuments after medalists at Local government levels
  • Review the policies on the National Honours and awards, to effectively and efficiently manage and match the current fields given the lessons learnt from consultations and various study visits carried out

Tittles of Honour

Titles of Honour include Civilian Decorations and Medals, Military Decorations and Medals, Uganda Police Decorations and Medals, Second Schedule Section 3 (2) Titles of Honour and Incidents of the National Honours and Awards Act, 2001.

1. Civilian Decorations and Medals

i.       The Most Excellent Order of the Pearl of Africa (Grand Master) –

ii.      The Excellent order of the Pearl of Africa (the Grand Commander) –

iii.     The Distinguished Order of the Nile (Classes I-V)

iv.      The Distinguished Order of the Crested Crane (Classes I-V)

v.      The National Independence Medal

vi.      The Nalubale Medal.

2. Military Decorations and Medals

i.       The Order of Katonga

ii.      The Kabalega Star

iii.     The Rwenzori Star

iv.      The Masaba Star

v.      The Damu Medal

vi.      The Luwero Triangle Medal

vii.     The Kagera Medal

viii.    The Order of Lukaya.

ix.      The Kyoga Medal


  1. Uganda Police Medals

Police decorations and medals are categorised in 11 categories as specified in the National Honours and Awards (Amendment of Second Schedule) Instrument, 2014

i.       The Order of the Commander-in-Chief

ii.      Exemplary Service Order – First Class

iii.     Exemplary Service Order – Second Class

iv.      Gallantry Order Star

v.      Distinguished Service Medal

vi.      Meritorious Service Medal

vii.     Special Service Medal

viii.    Personal Sacrifice Medal

ix.      Long Service with Good Conduct

x.      Centenary Medal

xi.      Honorary Service Medal