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Manifesto Implementation Unit

The overall mandate of the Manifesto Implementation Unit is to monitor the progress of implementation of the Manifesto Commitments and report to the Presidency and the other Government entities accordingly. The unit also liaises with the ruling party (National Resistance Movement) in the promotion of the party. it’s currently headed by Director and assisted by Deputy Director.


  1. Analyze, categorize, and prioritize manifesto commitments.
  2. Develop milestones for the achievement of the manifesto.
  3. Ensure that all the implementing agencies (MDAs) fully appreciate the need to implement the manifesto commitments and report regularly.
  4. Consolidate progress reports in the implementation of the manifesto from all the MDAs & LGs into verifiable reports.
  5. Participate in the sectoral review to ensure clearly costed policies and programs in accordance with the manifesto commitments.
  6. Create data to provide well researched and quick reference information on the implementation and efficiency of the manifesto in collaboration with the relevant MDAs and LGs.
  7. Disseminate progress in manifesto implementation by the government through print media (newspaper & magazines), radio and television meetings, seminars, and workshops.
  8. Identify bottlenecks to effective implementation of the manifesto so that the relevant authorities are informed and advised accordingly, and where necessary, strategic interventions are made.
  9. To conduct regular field monitoring and verification exercises to ensure the coordinated, systematic, and effective implementation and achievements of the Manifesto commitments.
  10. To report or provide feedback H.E the President and Cabinet on the implementation of the Manifesto commitments.