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Finance and Administration


The Department is headed by the Undersecretary, Finance and Administration    (Mr. Emmanuel Walani).  The Department supports and coordinates the execution of the mandate of the Office of the President through the provision of financial and human resource management services and ensuring efficient and effective utilization of resources.  The Department among others facilitates the work of the Resident District Commissioners (field offices) and Presidential Advisors.

Resident District Commissioners are mandated under Article 203 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda to monitor Central Government Programs and service delivery in districts.  They are also mandated to mobilize the population for National development.

The Presidential Advisors on the other hand, are responsible for advising H.E. the President of the Republic of Uganda on  strategic matters related to; Political, Economic, Cultural, Security and Social Affairs.


The Department among others facilitates the work of the Resident District Commissioner (field offices) and Presidential Advisors. Specifically, the Department is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that Government Policies, Programs and Projects are adequately monitored and evaluated;
  • Promoting good governance in public institutions and civil society;
  • Providing overall leadership of the state and better service delivery and job creation in line with the Government NRM Manifesto 2011-2016;
  • Providing regional and international relations for purposes of Social and Economic gains, and the creation of investment opportunities; and
  • Supporting the development of Policy capacity across Government.

The Key Sections and Units under the Department include the following;

  1. Accounts Unit Section headed by Assistant Commissioner Accounts;
  2. Planning Unit which is headed by an Assistant Commissioner;
  3. Human Resource Management is headed by the AC/HRM;
  4. Procurement and Logistics Management Unit headed by Senior Procurement Officer;
  5. Internal Audit Unit which is headed by the Senior Internal Auditor and;
  6.  Information Technology Unit headed by the Senior System Analyst.