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National Secretariat for Patriotism Clubs

The National Secretariat for Patriotic Corps also referred to as NSPC was established in 2009 by H.E the President of Uganda. With the mandate to develop and coordinate Patriotism clubs in all post primary schools and institutions country-wide. It is a department under the Office of the president responsible for Promotion of Patriotism ideology in schools.

It is a National Strategic initiative by the president to inculcate the norms and values of patriotism to all students and the youth of Uganda. The ultimate goal of this program is to produce a new breed of enlightened citizens committed and devoted to the National cause willing to sacrifice for the country.

To inculcate values to all Post Primary & Tertiary student & youth of Uganda

To be the best National student and youth program that nurtures Patriotic Citizens.

Our mission is to inculcate values and norms of Patriotism in students and youth of Uganda in order to develop resourceful, responsible, disciplined and resilient citizens who are loyal and ready to defend and transform Uganda.

Legal Framework

The 1995 constitution under section xxix of National Objective and Directives principles of State Policy commands every citizen of Uganda to be Patriotic and loyal to this country. Stated, as

“The exercise and enjoyment of rights is inseparable from fulfillment of duties. Among the duties is that every citizen of this country must be Patriotic and Loyal to this country."

The constitution further in Article 17 (2) commands that it will be the duty of all able-bodied citizens to undergo military training for the defence of this Country and the Constitution whenever called upon; and the State shall ensure that facilities are available for such training.