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Message from the Head of Department


On behalf of the Department of Finance and Administration, it is an honour and privilege to welcome you to the Office of the President website.

We are thus pleased to share with you, through this website, what we have achieved and what we are working on towards upholding the Vision of the Presidency

“A secure, Well Governed and Developed Nation”
 and Mission:
“To provide leadership in Public Policy Management and Good Governance for National Development”.

The Department of Finance and Administration supports and coordinates the execution of the mandate of the Office of the President through provision of financial and human resource management services, and ensuring efficient and effective utilization of resources.  Our Departmental Maxim is borrowed from a Latin Dictum: “Quantum Possum”. The Department among others facilitates the work of the Resident District Commissioner (field offices) and Presidential Advisors.  Specifically, the Department is responsible for:

1.   The provision of planning and support services to the Office of the President;

2.   Organising celebration of National Days under the docket of the Office of the President;

3.   Provision and maintenance of office equipment and furniture for the Ministry;

4.   Recruitment and deployment of Common Cadre personnel i.e. Administrative Officers and Policy Analysts in MDAs

5.   Coordination of HIV/AIDS activities across Ministries, Departments & Agencies;

6.   Coordination of Cross border meetings on security and other matters.

On behalf of the Department, I re-affirm the total commitment of the staff of Office of the President towards providing the highest standards of service to all our clients. The Office of the President is constantly looking for ways to improve its services. It values and welcomes all feedback and suggestions for improvement from our clients. 

I wish you the best as you navigate through this website. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the address provided for any inquiries.


Emmanuel Walani