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Mini Launch of (NOMS) National RDC/RCC Online Mentorship Program, 29th September, 2023

Mini Launch of (NOMS) National RDC/RCC Online Mentorship System. 29th September, 2023

I am delighted to launch this first ever National Online Mentorship Program for RDCs/RCCs and Deputies. This is indeed a great innovation that will see us implement the long-time maxim of the International Literacy Campaign which says ‘each one - teach one’. The power of ‘each-one-teaching one’ is more real in our settings where access to written and usable information is still a challenge due to problems of resources, attitude, access or worst still due to a poor reading culture amongst us.

I am delighted that we are now shifting to more adoptable forms of communication such as video which gives the viewer the flexibility of listening and observing more than reading and memorizing.

Not that we are downplaying development of the reading culture, but a time comes when we have to dramatize what will get us quick results and impact and these short videos and other online methods suggested will definitely pass on the much- needed hands-on knowledge for our field officers.

Due to an all-time busy and congested schedule, our field officers are most times constrained to invest time in reading written materials more so the complex government statements, and would need someone to break it down for them for quick appreciation.    

I wish to thank the Secretary, Office of the President Haji Yunus Kakande, the RDC Secretariat led by Major Martha Asimwe and the distinguished team of innovators and developers of this online mentorship program led by Dr. Dan Ssekiboobo, the Senior Presidential Advisor- Research for thinking ahead of time through this amazing innovation.

I urge all the RDCs/RCCs and Deputies to utilize these online materials and to interact with the mentors at every end of viewing.

The videos and other online materials are as rich as they can get and they cover nearly all the subjects of interest for the RDC.

Please dig out the videos on the topics that mostly bother you in your operations. I have listened to these videos and they offer a near complete package of everything you can know about your functions and yet they come from your very own colleagues.

If you are going to monitor or undertake a security operation or deal with a land issue etc, please listen to the videos on these subjects before, during and after planned engagements and call the mentor immediately to get more tips.

Navigate through the other online materials provided such as reports, statements, speeches and others from the International and regional stage to get a much more holistic impression of the area of concern. The speeches of H.E the President, the educative sector videos from the government departments on what is happening in the areas of manifesto implementation, research and innovations by local inventors and industrial developments are all a resource that will broaden the perspective of the RDC to talk about what the government is doing and how the people’s lives are being transformed.


I have also seen that you can access real time information from the center on varied subjects. We will be utilizing this noticeboard to keep you posted on all manner of feedback including alerts, circulars, announcements and assessments.   This is in reality a great online resource center for the RDCs and we cannot wait to embrace it. 


Finally, I need to point out that the power in mentorship is in the fact that you are obtaining the know-hows, the tips and the quick advices from someone that has experienced a similar challenge in the field. This is what is called experiential learning – i.e. that you avoid the hard theories and get straight to the applied knowledge that is essential for results in the field.

Mentorship provides the much-needed confidence building in a mentee by the Mentor and it is reflected in such statement as:

“I have been where you are, I know what you are going through, I did it this way, I achieved these results, I avoided this, I embraced this, I know this will work for you; I am here to help you”

Those who possess know-how share their experiences in a collegial manner with those who are similarly positioned but are lacking in knowledge, aptitude and attitude.

The above guarantee is the power of mentorship/experiential learning to give re-assurance, confidence, a new lease of life, a new perspective, a new mindset and opening one to possibilities, innovation and creativity hitherto unimagined.

In all, Mentorship will eventually recreate a new work environment in the RDC Office and it will be the hallmark of learning, discipline and creativity. 

I am therefore more than excited about this innovation and I congratulate everyone and our expert team of developers for a good job well done and thought-out.