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Pre-Retirement Training for Staff of Office of the President held on 13th to 14th June,2024 at Imperial Royale Hotel

Pre-Retirement Training for Staff of Office of the President held on 13th to 14th June,2024 at Imperial Royale Hotel

Section J-e, paragraph 10 of the Uganda Public Service standing orders of 2021 state that, “Re-integration into society or retirement training programmes shall be offered on a continuous basis to enable public officers prepare and plan early for retirement. The programmes should assist retiring public officers to prepare for a return to life outside the public office with alternative life skills, confidence and without the fear of the unknown”.

Offering employees pre-retirement training certainly provides them with the knowledge to help them make more confident choices about their retirement.

2.0 Rationale

It is not uncommon for employees to feel unprepared for retirement and to spend a considerable amount of time during their working years worrying about it. Retirement can bring about significant changes in people's lives as they contemplate what to do once they leave formal employment. However, retirees can avoid the negative consequences of retirement by taking a proactive approach to retirement planning early on in their careers. According to section J-e of the Uganda Public Service standing orders of 2021, retirement training programs should be continuously offered to enable public officers to prepare and plan for retirement in advance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Office of the President to assist its employees with developing alternative life skills, building confidence, and overcoming their fears of the unknown. This not only makes the employees feel appreciated, it also leads to improved productivity.

3.0 Purpose

The main purpose of the training is to provide valuable information to facilitate a smooth transition from active service to retirement and promote a positive retirement experience.

4.0 Objectives of the training

Upon successful completion of the training, participants are expected to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive retirement plan that caters to their specific needs and preferences;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the changes that come with retirement and identify coping strategies;
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of practical strategies for managing personal finances during retirement;
  4. Demonstrate a good understanding of the various administrative formalities related to retirement.
  5. Understand the Uganda Public Service retirement procedure.

5.0 Course content

Sessions to be covered during the training


Session 1: Demystifying Retirement: An Overview.

Session 2: Testimony and real -life experience of a successful transition

Session 3: Tips on starting and Managing a Business

Session 4: Health and Dietary Concerns of a Pensioner

Session 5: Exit Policy of the public Service and Planning for Retirement

Session 6: Will writing and its Implications

Session 7: Planning and Budgeting for Financial Independence

Session 8: Techniques of coping with retirement


6.0 Profile of Trainers

The workshop will be conducted under the guidance and leadership of a team from Ministry of Public Service and other experienced personnel who will be carefully sourced to deliver the presentations.

7.0 Expected participants

The workshop is expected to attract a total of 75 participants who are between 45 and 59 years old. A complete list of participants is provided in Annex 1.

8.0 Methodology and Technique

The training will be delivered with a participatory approach, utilizing several methods to effectively present the course content.

  1. Interactive lectures will be primarily used to define unfamiliar concepts and bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  2. Plenary discussions to facilitate the sharing of experiences between facilitators and participants, enhancing the learning experience.
  3. The use of illustrations with the aid of an overhead projector and flip charts will be employed to further enrich the training.

9.0 Venue and Duration of the training

The training is last expected to take place at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala from 13th to 14th June, 2024.

  1. Expected outcome

The overall expected outcome of the workshop is to increase their preparedness and willingness to retire from the Public Service.